What is PR?

Public relations is outreach to your audience—to people with whom you want to communicate—and the people who want to buy your service or product. It is no longer just press relations, but people relations. Whether communicating to the media, customers, investors, or other businesses, PR is a Powerful part of brand-building and the marketing mix. PR helps to build sales.

Public relations must be Pro-Active to create and maintain the desired message and image—perception becomes reality.

PR can include:

  • Copy writing
  • Press releases/media outreach—traditional and "new"
  • Blogging
  • Crisis avoidance or management
  • Special Events
  • Promotions
  • Product placement
  • Making connections
  • Trade Shows
  • Correspondence
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Article Writing and placement


Never before has public relations been this easy to quantify. Now, when your message is circulated, you can see immediate feedback on your website, on your phone or online via social media. PR can help capitalize on great interest and turn it into sales.

For the cost of a single page of magazine advertising, you can create a PR program. The value of an article about you in a publication is worth more than a full-page ad—it provides instant "word of mouth" credibility before a world-wide audience. Understanding how to maximize that reach gives YOU PR Power!

PR Power customizes public relations plans to work with your needs and your budget. We are small enough to be flexible, big enough to get the job done—right! Projects, campaigns, annual marketing plans and execution—it's all in your Power!

Who Needs PR?

Everyone can use public relations!
Individuals—artists, inventors, politicians—anyone with a message to communicate and a product or concept to sell to the public.

Businesses—all businesses need to reach out—not just to the media to spread the word about their products or services or people, but they also need to reach out to customers directly. The internet and your website offer global access to your clear, consistent message and sell your product. If they don't know about you, they can't buy from you!

We know the channels to put your message into the pipeline! That is why PR Power is Pro-Active!